It is easy to think, hope and dream about winning in a situation without ever actually making a start.  The big question is – how will you ever win if you don’t make a start?

Maybe you are prone to making a start in your head – you have everything planned out in theory but fail to actually make real and meaningful progress.

Take New Year’s Eve for instance.  How many wishes, hopes and dreams are contemplated only to find they’ve been broken by January 5th?

Now is the time to plan ahead to stay ahead in order to have your best year ever in 2016.

The reality is you must make a start on your dream or your hope. For this to happen being intentional is vital. In a previous blog, I outlined 3 simple but powerful ways on how to become intentional. To read this just Click Here

So how can you make a start? It is great to have a plan – I’m all for that. But to be successful, action is required. One of the best starts I have found for this to happen:

  • Write out what you want to win.

It could be in many and various areas such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing your fitness
  • Better financial control
  • Your faith

What could you write down?

Now list 3 areas where you would like to make real progress. Prioritize your top 3. Don’t worry if you have tried before but, for some reason, you did not achieve your goal.

While you cannot go back, you can move forward.  Be determined to win. How can you win if you don’t make a start? Start today.

Now put some ‘small steps’ in place that will manage them on a daily basis. Start today.

What ‘small steps’ could you put into place that will help you toward your win? I have often found having an accountability partner helps. It could be a coach or a mentor.

There is great value in speaking out what or where you want a win and having someone who can keep you accountable. If they are a good coach or mentor, they will bring challenge and encouragement into your life that will keep you with it.

They will be your biggest cheerleaders. Make your decisions and then don’t just have plans; rather turn your plans into real–time action, then use those small steps you’ve planned to manage them on a daily basis.

How do we make progress with anything in life? One step at a time. Today is your day.  What will you do today that will move you closer toward your dream?

Remember this: if nothing changes – nothing changes!

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Today’s action will determine tomorrow’s success.