Why is it that some leaders go from strength to strength, whilst others seem to find it more challenging? Intentional leaders know what it takes to grow in their leadership.

So what does it take? How are you letting your leadership skills grow? How and should leadership be designed?

First of all we must realise that the role of a leader is pivotal – in the worlds of John Maxwell – ‘Everything rises and falls upon leadership’.

For those who want to become the best they can be in a leadership role, requires many crucial elements. But one very significant element is that leaders are learners. They put themselves in a place first of all to be moulded and taught. They realise that they are not the perfect model and don’t have all the answers.

Growing leaders look towards others – who are ahead of them in order that their lives can be designed and influenced by them.

Great leaders are not loners, they are strong enough to lead and train others at the same time as being humble enough to learn and be accountable to others.

When I coach, mentor and train clients, I often note a strong desire from leaders to learn and to make sure their leadership is not by default or by a title or a position they have been given – but rather by design.

They make sure they are designing and cultivating their leadership constantly in order to become increasingly effective in their role.

Leadership should not be taken lightly and requires commitment and ongoing learning.

I often say that Leaders are Learners – never take your ‘L’ plates off when it comes to learning.

A few questions to consider:

  • So how are you designing your leadership?
  • How is this showing up in your life?
  • What plans have you in place for the next 12 months in order to become even more effective in your leadership?

Remember this – If nothing changes – nothing will change!

Leadership is a journey – one that often has many twists and turns along the way. Leadership can often be marked out during these times not by our action but by our reaction.

Leaders are not made in a day – however the true test of a leader takes time, maturity, commitment and learning. It is a process that keeps growing a leader.

Leaders have the ability to lead people to places they could not have gone without them – to read more about this in one of my blogs click HERE.

For a leader to grow to be the best leader they can be they must have in place a:

  • Leadership Excellence Programme.

Without it leaders often go from dealing with one situation to another, always giving and never receiving and often feeling they are just ‘coping’ in the leadership rather than ‘thriving’.

Those who commit to a personal Leadership Excellence Programme are taking responsibility for desiring their leadership to become increasingly effective which has huge rewards and benefits.



Leadership Excellence – 7 Steps To Transform Your Leadership.

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