When you watch for the Olympics, have you noticed every contestant has one thing in common regardless of age, background, height, weight or status?

Use this one tip in your life and you will see immediate results.

So, what is it?

They are all intentional. They have all entered the competition to win.

Before and during their long periods of training, they have mastered not only their sport, but also the art of being intentional.

Being intentional revolutionizes lives. This can totally change your, life too. Action is required for being intentional. As Sir Winston Churchill so clearly said, “I never worry about action – only inaction.”

The right type of action is required. To read more about this click here.

What are some of the excuses we have for not being intentional?

  • It is not the right time!

I have used this plenty of times. Maybe you have as well. Often this is us just being lazy. The longer we put something off – guess what – it never happens!


  • I might make a mistake.

The truth is you will make a mistake if you don’t start being intentional. We are not perfect. We can learn and grow as we work through our mistakes. Don’t settle for the mistake in never being intentional.


  • I don’t feel like carrying on.

So what do we do? We cater to our comfort and chuck-in the towel!

What I have learned – we can’t wait for motivation to come to our door and pay us a visit; rather we have to be intentional, ‘press on.’ As we make progress – guess what – motivation comes to meet us and takes us further.

These were just 3 excuses – you may have others. In just 3 words what our response should be when our excuses crop up, and if we want to break free and become a ‘Master’ at being intentional is…


Let’s be quitters when it comes to excuses. Commit to yourself – no more excuses, I am going to become intentional.

Being intentional can lead you to enjoy a very successful life. To read more about my 4 steps to influencing yourself and others to amazing success in my ebook – click here.

Use this one tip in your life and you will see immediate results – become a master at being Intentional.

My intentional call to action for you is:

  1. Consider one step can you take today to become more intentional.
  2. Write down 3 goals you intend to meet in the next 90 days.
  3. Sign up now for my future blogs as I will be sharing further insights to keep you focused on being intentional. Click here.

Go do it now – this is your next step in becoming a ‘Master’ of intentionality.

Please do leave a message and let me know how your own journey of being intentional is going. 

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