What type of thinker are you? Have you ever given time to consider how you could become a better thinker?

I am sure you will know some people whom you would describe as a:

1) Big Thinker        2) Small Thinker        3) Positive Thinker        4) Negative Thinker

There are many types of thinker. As I described in an earlier blog great leaders generally think in three different way. To read about the big thinker – click here.

In this blog I want to consider the second way which great leaders think.


Does this describe you?

Would you like to improve your skills in becoming a strategic thinker? What comes to your mind when you think of the word strategy? Often it is applied to a project, task and in business.

But imagine it applied to your personal life! And if you applied it to the way you lead your life, what would the benefits look like?

When you become a strategic thinker – don’t presume it is just for a business project or something you are involved in doing. Look at the ways it could personally benefit you in your own personal growth as you move toward your potential.

Employ a strategy for your personal growth. Don’t just meet life. Look for ways you can lead your life well. A great way to become a strategic thinker – start with your diary.

– On the last day of the month, plan out what you want to accomplish the next month. Being a strategic thinker requires planning.

– Being a strategic thinker – will help you to recognize things you should and should not be doing. Strategic thinking provides clarity and focus.

So when opportunities come your way – think about asking ‘WHY’ before asking ‘HOW.’ Why should I be involved with this particular opportunity?

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Great leaders know to ask why first. It keeps them on the right path of progress.

One of my mentors, John Maxwell, is a great thinker. He has shown me how to become a strategic thinker. If you look at his life, it is as though he plans out every day well in advance, as well as leaving room for the unexpected.

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