Transformation was the theme of a recent TEDx event which I spoke at.

100 people attended as well as 300 online to hear from a range of speakers. My personal talk was on ‘Becoming a champion’.

I shared about self-limiting beliefs and how they can paralyse you from enjoying your full potential.

I then highlighted 3 ways that I have noticed many have overcome self-limiting beliefs, they often have moved ahead to achieve great exploits as well as having a positive and significant effect on those around them.

You can watch my video below:

I was wondering if you could help me please?

Because I would like as many people as possible to overcome self-limiting beliefs and become a champion of leadership. After you have watched my TEDx talk, and if you enjoyed it, please would you be so kind as to forward and share this with your audience? I would love as many people as possible to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

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I would be most grateful and thank you in advance.

In the meantime I wish you an outstanding day.

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