Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit – Conrad Hilton.

I love this quote from Conrad Hilton about success. It really does help to understand why some people are successful and others are not.

There is a lot that can be learnt from this. In fact when I look at this, I see there are 3 important components to the success Conrad is describing. Lets look at this together.

1.      Success seems to be connected with action.

Success and action go together. Successful people are not lazy or passive, but disciplined. They know what they should and should not do. They take the ‘Right Action’. They are self disciplined. What is self discipline? Giving yourself and order and obeying it!

The key here is the ‘Right Action’ this can only come from having clarity.

2.       Successful people keep moving.

Having researched so many leaders across the world, I note with great interest that the successful ones were and are the ones that keep moving.

They don’t allow things good or bad to stifle them. They use ‘experiences’ to enable them to move into new heights.

They have a framework to follow. They know each day the actions to which they must commit. They may slow down at times, but they don’t stop.

I find having someone you can be accountable to is so helpful. They can bring challenge to you to keep moving during the tough times.

As a mentor myself, I will often challenge people to keep moving forward, to keep growing themselves. I don’t think we can do this alone. As a famous proverb reads – Iron sharpens Iron.

Those I have researched tend to have an ‘accountability partner/mentor/coach. Don’t run alone – otherwise you will soon give up!

3.      They make mistakes – but they don’t quit.

I doubt if anyone would be successful, if they quit at the first mistake! Making mistakes are often the times of great learning; however the secret here is to ‘reflect’ and not to dismiss or down play a mistake. What can be learned? What could be done differently next time?

Why do we make mistakes? Because we are human – we are not perfect. Mistakes happen because we stepped out and tried something.

If you have never made a mistake or failed at something – it probably means you are not attempting much beyond what you think your abilities are.

Great leaders have a built in resolve to press ahead, regardless of success or failure. They are not quitters. I am reminded of a great character in the bible called Paul. This man had a vision and a goal.

And he had a plan to achieve it. But of all of his failures and successes he said – ‘One thing I do…I press on towards the goal’. He was someone of great discipline. He stirred himself to press on.

Leaders know where they are going. They will make mistakes along the way; however they will remain focussed and will not quit.

You need to be intentional for this to happen. Click here to read about the 3 keys to become intentional.

Look at this famous quote from Winston Churchill, who was an outstanding leader in challenging times. ‘Never, never, never give up’. Lets those words rub off on you – don’t be a quitter!

Success can be viewed as a journey and not just a destination. Celebrate your wins along the way and keep going for it. Expect to be fruitful and purposeful – don’t quit along the way.