As I work with clients, I help them to create a competitive advantage that positions them to stand out from the crowded competition. Standing out and making an impact is possible when you know how. With training and guidance, you can become a natural at selling and sharing your business in the marketplace. When you work with me, you will find we do not just share knowledge; rather we go the extra mile to provide you with great training that will lead to effective action to bring about real results.

Training For Sales Success

For many years I’ve heard the term ABC when it comes to selling –Always Be Closing.

While I understand the logic of ABC in sales, I also see how our logic in thinking should change in order to capture the benefits this world has to offer.

In the sense of success, what’s got us here may no longer be what is needed to ensure we keep our position of authority in the marketplace in the future. Therefore, I would like to suggest ‘out with the old and in with the new’ when it comes to the ABC of sales.

What if instead of always closing, we mastered the art of CONNECTING?

I’m proposing a new meaning for ABC’s: Always Be Connecting!


Today, more than ever, your ability to connect will determine your level of success.

When it comes to sales, no one wants to be sold to; however, we all like to be helped. We prefer to buy something rather than be sold something.

The fine art of connecting is your secret source for success. The more you connect with your network, the greater your impact will be. When we realise that our network determines our net worth, it is crucial that we don’t just send out marketing messages to our network; rather we learn the fine art of connecting.

When I work with you and/or your sales, team, I will show you the 3 keys to effective connecting that leads to relationships that result in an increase in sales. The 3 keys are:

  • Be interested, not interesting.
  • Listen.
  • Be helpful.

Remember, people don’t want to be sold, but they will buy. The person who learns how to connect will be the person who wins their business; and this is why every sales person should:

Always Be Connecting!

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