If you are a commuter on a train, you will be familiar with these words – mind the gap.

These words will often appear in print on the platforms, in the train as well, just as the doors open. Can’t you just hear them as you read this?

Why are they so important? Because you don’t want to fall into the gap!

Life can be like that as well……Do you have a:

  • Plan
  • Destination
  • Dream

They are clear in our sights – the vision seems so real and tangible, like a mirage.

BUT, for some reason, we fall into ‘the gap’ of where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow.

Intention and fulfilment are two different things and easily confused. 

What enables some to so easily step over ‘The Gap’ into their purposes and potential while others fall into ‘The Gap’ and never seem to make it to their destination?

There is a correlation between getting off a train and moving forward if I want to get to my final destination.

  • Goal is not to stay where I am; rather get to the other side
  • Action – I can’t stay where I am if I want to move on.
  • Prepared – I have everything I need to go forward. Don’t leave your belongings on the train!

It is so important to be aware of ‘The Gap’ that stands between us and our full potential. If we are conscious of this, the challenge will be – Am I prepared to overcome that gap?

I am not talking about dreaming about it – I am talking about taking action, exercising discipline, stepping out and not letting the past hinder me.

However, for some the thought could be – I don’t have the confidence to step out.  And there you are – you don’t attempt the gap in the first place.

Maybe you are like me. Sometimes I lack confidence, thinking I can’t do something, only to discover that confidence is gained when you step out of a comfort zone into a new territory. Confidence does not always come ‘before but during.’

Victory is often gained by just one more step or attempt.

I am encouraged by this great quote from Napoleon Hill – Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

As you consider your future, are there areas in your life that are causing you to ‘freeze,’ not take action…and you don’t move forward?

Are you too anxious to step up to ‘The Gap?’

If you are, I would highly recommend that you read a book from John Maxwell – The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. The whole book will encourage you to step up. Chapter 10 in particular – The Law of the Rubber Band – is exceptionally helpful in overcoming the gap.

In order to make progress in life, we must be those who:

  • Recognize the gap
  • Take action to step over the gap.

Gaps can be viewed as challenges, obstacles and hindrances never to be overcome. However, we are designed to face reality, be aware of the gaps in our lives and then to rise up to overcome them.

Therefore the next time you see a gap in your life or hear those words ‘Mind the Gap’ as you get off the train, think to yourself I now have an opportunity to not remain where I am but to mind the gap, overcome it and move into my potential.

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