John Maxwell defines leadership this way: leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.

It was my privilege to be with John Maxwell at a recent John Maxwell Team training in Orlando, where he poured into my life and that of others his wisdom in personal development and leadership.

John has written over 70 books on leadership with many gaining best seller status. His common theme, leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less – is clearly communicated through his insight and communication skills.

It has been a delight to have been chosen to be one of the bloggers for The John Maxwell Team. To read some of my blogs just click here

It is an honor to be part of The John Maxwell Team. This is an outstanding international group with huge vision and commitment to personal growth, adding value to as many people as possible. You can find out more about the services I can offer as a Coach, trainer and speaker for the John Maxwell team, by clicking here

It was great to also have a private lunch with John, something he wanted to do for a select group who had supported the John Maxwell Team in various ways. It was a brilliant time of sharing.

I continue to be impressed and encouraged by the faculty team and their desire to offer exceptional world-class teaching. I have certainly benefited from this in so many ways. One of the ways is to become a ‘Master’ at being intentional. To read more about this click here

If you want to understand what your potential is and how you can harness it for your life, personal development is key.

Let me leave you with a couple of questions:

1. In what areas of your life would you like to grow?

2. What actions are you taking today to harness it?

Remember if nothing changes – nothing changes!

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