//[VLOG] Leaders are great learners

[VLOG] Leaders are great learners

An effective leader needs to learn in order to keep growing and stay ahead.

Tony Lynch, Keep Thinking Big, shares three things an effective leader needs to focus on to make sure they are always learning.

  1. Learn about yourself
  2. Learn from your team
  3. Learn from you customers

What are your strengths and areas of weakness? Are you listening to your team? Are you listening to your customers?

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About the Author:

Tony Lynch is an International Business Development Trainer and Coach with more than 30 years’ experience helping Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders and Sales Professionals create a competitive advantage in today’s crowded marketplace. Tony has spoken in multiple countries, is a TEDx speaker, as well as being featured by INC in ‘100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference’. As a competent motivational trainer he helps his clients to have a winning strategy to enjoy greater influence, impact and income. Tony serves on the President Advisory Council for The John Maxwell Team as well as being a Peer Teaching Partner. He also serves as the Chairman on the Simulcast Advisory Council for The John Maxwell Company as well as being part of the Global Leaders Alliance. Tony lives in England and has been married for 32 years to Sally and has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

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