In the world of sales, what is the one crucial skill you need to be hugely successful? When looking for new staff what is the one skill that you should look for that you know will pay dividends?

Listening - The Key To Every Estate Agents' Success.

When looking at giving someone a promotion, what skill should they have if they are to lead effectively?

Could it be talent? The ability to cast a vision? Great education? It is charisma? What is it?

It is the – Ability to listen.

In estate agency – we learn about the services which we offer. So we can tell people about them. We are quick to distinguish our own USP’s and differentiate ourselves from the competitor. We are quick to share our success stories – “Another property sold in your area”.

What we are doing is simply Tell, Tell, Tell – but who is listening to you and more importantly, who are you listening to?

If we are to understand clients, we must learn to listen. Have you considered that listening – not imitation may actually be one of the best ways of flattery.

The art and skill of listening can deliver very high returns. Having been in estate agency for over 30 years, I believe this is one of the most paramount skills needed for success.

I also recognise it is not a skill or an ability that is often taught with much depth and understanding. When was the last time you attended an ‘Art of Listening’ course?

Listening does not mean you simply listen to someone, knowing that it is your turn next to speak!! It does not mean you put yourself in there world, when they are sharing a need.

There is  huge value in listening, it really does show respect and understanding. It creates an environment where relationships can be built.

Listening to your customers and the team you lead will position yourself to really adding value to those around. It will increase your influence and effectiveness. Don’t presume you know what others think, don’t fall in the trap that everyone thinks like you do – listen.

In my training course – Everyone Communicates Few ConnectI teach about the five principles and five practices of connecting. All great estate agents are great listeners.

For further information about this course Click Here Listening enables that connection to happen. Connecting is the key to success.

Connecting is a learnable skill which will win you influence, impact, success and income.

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  • How would you rate your listening skills?
  • When was the last time you took time to really listen to someone?
  • Will you actively go deeper in understanding the art of listening – that delivers results?

All great estate agents are great listeners.NewFooter

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