Consider – How do leaders think?

Could it be the way they think that has made them a great leader?

Having researched many great leaders both past and present, I have observed that thinking is one of the easiest, sometimes the most difficult, things to do.

There is an art to thinking – which many have developed, enabling them in their leadership.

Through technology we now live in a world that pumps us with information. We don’t even need to think! We just do things, sometimes without considering why.

Thinking, as I suggested before, is an art in itself. It takes time to:

A)    Think
B)    To think about our thinking

When you look at great leaders of the past, they have often been like ‘Thought Leaders.’ They have mastered thinking and created a huge impact upon many.

Within them I see three different types of thinking. You may have others – if so please do let me know.

The three I see:

1)      The big picture thinking
2)      The strategic plan thinking
3)      The reflective thinking

 Great leaders have the ability to think big. They may have knocks along the way but they continue to keep thinking big.

When they do this they see and enjoy the big picture. They don’t get caught up in every detail or negative thought that comes along.

The skill in thinking big has to be developed. It does not happen over night.

  •  A good way to cultivate this skill is having your own inner circle of friends/colleagues who are big thinkers as well. ‘Iron Sharpens Iron.’ Let the way they think big rub off on you. I have found this so helpful in my life.

Are you spending quality time with the big thinkers around you or are you surrounded by small thinkers?

  •  Another way I have learned to think big and see the big picture is by turning thinking into action. This often results in success and further motivation to see new ways to expand your big thinking strategy. To read more about this in one of my earlier blogs Click Here.

The right action does something within us. It enables us to think big. Winston Churchill once said – the only action he was concerned about was inaction!

But for now consider the following and in order to become a ‘Big Picture Thinker:’

1)      Is your immediate circle of friends/colleagues small or big thinkers?

2)      Are you learning from your life experiences?

3)      What do you need to do today in order to grow in becoming a Big Thinking Person?


 Please let me have your comments of how you are becoming a Big Thinker.