The need for ongoing coaching and consultancy is recognised by the most successful estate agents throughout the world.

Leaders from the one office to the corporates benefit from coaching and consultancy in order to remain ahead of their competitors, increasing productivity and profitability.

Leading a team can often be a lonely position, however having a coach with vast experience of the property world and leading teams by your side can make a dramatic and positive impression upon the business owner as they seek to develop their own company and team.

Because you can benefit from having Tony Lynch as your personal leadership coach and consultant will ensure you never have to walk alone again as you seek to make the best decisions, strategic plans for the future in leading your company forward.

Sustainability through ongoing training.

The aim of all good training must not just be knowledge, but it should also lead to action. To ensure the best action is coming from training often requires more than a one off training (Shot in the arm approach).

It requires a process. Regular training with follow-up is recognised as one of the best ways to fully benefit from attending a training day. It is a process that delivers increasing results.

Therefore Tony Lynch offers companies a ‘Six Pack’ approach to strengthen every member of your team. This is a one day, bi-monthly for 1 year continuity training programme which caters for new entrants through to senior teams.

Sustainability of productivity and profitability can be achieved through an ongoing training method. It is a process that can be trusted ensuing that the right investment for staff is being made which will increase staff engagement, productivity and profitability.


Creating Competitive Advantage for Estate Agents

With increasing change and competition it’s vital for estate agents to implement structures and processes to stand out from the crowd of competition and to attract an ever increasing client bank.
This course will cover the following as well as providing time for questions and answers to ensure that the training needs of all attendees are understood and answered.
consulting for business professionals

  • Overview of the day, introductions and highlighting the major immediate challenges in your area.
  • How to become the agent of influence.
  • Connecting v communication.
  • How to successfully cross sell.
  • How to multiply your board presence.
  • The power of questions – scripts and dialogues that will work for you.
  • How to use the portals to your advantage.
  • Mastering the phone for the results you want.
  • Networking that works.
  • Structure to create client loyalty for repeat business.
  • Plan ahead to stay ahead.
Managing For Success

Leadership is the ability to lead others to places they could not have gone without you. Leading a team to success is not always an easy task, it requires strong leadership, strategy and a process to develop the team.
This course is designed for those who have a responsibility in managing a team.
Estate Agent2

  • Excellence in managing – what is a managers role.
  • Managing or coaching.
  • How to create a culture for success.
  • How to identify and develop the talent within your team.
  • The essentials that are needed for highly effective team meetings.
  • Structure for a productive day – watch out for the distractions.
  • How to increase productivity and profitability.
  • ROI v WOI.
  • Creating winning teams.
  • How to manage yourself for greater success.
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