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The course delves into the process of becoming a successful leader by examining how questions Mastermind Groupscan be used to advantage. What are the questions leaders should ask themselves? What questions should they ask members of their team? You will learn how to respond to the toughest problems leaders can sometimes face. The course helps to answer these questions:

  • How can I discover my unique purpose as a leader?
  • What is the most effective daily habit that any leader should develop?
  • How do you motivate an unmotivated person?
  • How would you work with a difficult leader who has no vision?

This course is a thorough, insightful tool to those who feel they have plateaued on their journey to develop their ultimate potential. Every leader has room to grow, and the advice given on this course will help you to assess your current position, and structure an effective plan to achieve their goals.

Part 1 of the course covers:

  • Why are questions so important?
  • What questions do I ask myself as a leader?
  • What questions do I ask my team members?
  • What must I do to lead myself successfully?
  • How does leadership work?

Part 2 of the course covers:

  • How do I get started in leadership?
  • How do I resolve conflict and lead challenging people?
  • How can I succeed working under poor leadership?
  • How can I successfully navigate leadership transitions?
  • How can I develop leaders?

The course contents will enable you and your team to not only be heard in the marketplace but will ensure you ask the right questions in order to become an effective leader..

Previous mastermind groups were held on the 26th November 2014. Click the link to book Tony to speak on Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Asking good questions is a learnable skill which will win you influence, impact, success and income.

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