What type of connecting profession are you in?

Are you in:

  • A B2B profession – Business to business?
  • A B2C profession – Business to consumer?

However could you actually be in a different type of business?

The one thing that a Business to business and a Business to consumer profession both have in common is that they are totally reliant on the ability to ‘Connect’ with a customer.

We all need and want clients and customers and therefore to succeed in this aim our focus should become more ‘People to People’.

In a growing and competitive market the skills needed to connect and influence is vital for the ongoing sustainability of any business.

The way we do business is changing. The way we purchase is changing. There was a time you had to go to a shop to purchase, now you can have it delivered to your house without even stepping out of your front door!

Customer training is vital if a company wants to stand out from the crowd. How are you training your staff in the ‘People to People’ profession?

In the last 30 days how has your company delivered in its customer care and attention in the ‘People to People’ profession?

We should be proud to be in the P2P business. However we have to work hard not just to communicate a service or product but to really engage and connect with our customers.

If you are in any form of business, the reality is that you are in a ‘People to People’ business.

We live in a world where much attention is given to communicating and building brands, which has its place. However everyone is communicating, but less and less are developing their connecting skills.

As John C Maxwell says ‘Your ability to connect with others will determine the level of your success’. This is so true and applies on both a personal and professional basis.

As a business & leadership coach and trainer, I can see businesses that are relying too much on the ‘old systems’ and need to change with the times to stay ahead and stand out from the crowd.

You might have the perfect product to sell to someone or to a company. But if you can’t engage people and understand how to become a ‘master of connecting’ – you will never know the success that you could be enjoying.

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It is important to know your product well if you are to attempt in marketing. However when you combine this with regular courses on – growing your connecting skills – you have a powerful formula to connect at a whole new level.

Three questions for you to consider:

Think back to the last time someone tried to ‘sell’ you something…

  • Did you feel engaged during the process?
  • Was it just a product selling exercise, with no real connecting going on?
  • Did they take the time to understand you better, and if what they had to offer would be a real benefit to you?

People buy from people. If your business involves interactivity with people – don’t just rely on the product knowledge look to becoming a ‘master of connecting’.

In one of my workshops ‘Everyone Communicates, Few Connect’ by John C Maxwell, I highlight the 5 principles and 5 practices of connecting.

We look at what the most effective people do differently when it comes to connecting with others.

These are designed to position my clients to become a person who enjoys increasing success personally and professionally by the power of connecting.

Would you like to become ‘A Master at Connecting’? How would that look in your life? How could that change your life personally and in business?

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You might have vision, enthusiasm, desire, product knowledge, but if you just can’t connect –Well, you are not going to go very far.

Brand awareness – is not connecting – it is simply brand awareness. Put the two together and you are set up for success.

Many of you reading this will want growth in your own business. Growth comes from connecting with clients – which goes well beyond a newsletter or Christmas card!

If you would like to connect with me and take a deeper dive into becoming a ‘master’ at connecting, which is a learnable skill, learning the skills needed to excel in the ‘People To People’ profession, drop me an email at training@keepthinkingbig.com and you will be notified of our next training day.