4 Steps to Changing Your Dream to a Reality


Do you have a dream, a desire, something you want to achieve, something you long for, but are not sure how it could happen?

As a business development coach and trainer, I often encounter people who have a dream, but do not have a blueprint for how to turn their dream into a reality, which often leads them to frustration and disappointment.

I applaud people who have a dream. I think you should  have a dream. However, I most admire those who have a plan of how they’re going to achieve that dream. Too many dreams just stay wishful thoughts due to lack of planning or accountability.

I have found the following 4 following steps to be very helpful in my life as I have looked to bring realisation to my dreams:

  1. Build a plan. Let it be challenged and shaped up.
  2. Have an inner circle to whom you can be accountable.
  3. Be wise with whom you share your dream. Not everyone will understand, support, and encourage your dream.
  4. Enjoy the journey.


Build a plan

Creating a plan for your dream takes both time and effort. Many people have random thoughts or hopes but never have the self-discipline to commit that plan to paper.

Those who do write it down are usually able to easily articulate their dream to others. They know the what, how, when, change and impact their dream will bring. They live into their dream.

Along the way, there will be challenges that may require you to give things up in order to press on. When a challenge comes along, do not give up. Ultimately, that challenge may change the path to your destination or dream.

When you are driving on a journey and come against a roadblock, do you turn around and go back home?  No! A roadblock is simply a detour. Be flexible in the path to your dream, but hold onto your dream clearly.


Have an inner circle AND share your dream wisely

Have an inner circle that can challenge you to uplevel your dream and who will hold you accountable during the pursuit of your dream. Also, be wise with whom you share your dream. Not everyone will ‘get’ your dream, so be sure to share your dream with dream builders, not dream busters!


Enjoy the journey

And finally, enjoy the journey to your dream.  Some people have ‘destination disease’ in which all they are able to think about is ‘one day when I get there’ and they miss out on the importance of today.

You see, a dream is not just an arrival place – the journey to your dream can shape and change you. We grow through the experience of planning, challenge and accountability and tap into our heretofore unexplored potential.

Therefore, be very conscious of who you are becoming along the way. Look at the good things you are doing and the impact that you are making throughout your journey. Often, during the pursuit of your dream, you help others achieve their own dreams along the way! As a result, your dream can have a multiplying effect for others.


As you consider these 4 steps to changing your dream into a reality, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my dream? (Write it down!)
  2. What is the one thing I could do today to grow closer to my dream?
  3. What is stopping me from pursuing my dream?


Friends, I encourage you to dream and to dream big, but also to be fully committed to your dream.  Enjoy the journey and help others to build their dream as you build yours!



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